Gaya & Prit | Engaged

I adored this engagement session for Gaya & Prit.  We visited one of my favourite locations just outside of Edmonton, Hasting Lake Gardens.  These two were so fun and playful.  I love looking back at the images from that evening.  The film scans really captured the colours beautifully. I highly recommend this location for weddings and portraits.

- A xx

Ivy | Desert Portraits

When it comes to photography, my first passion has been and will always be portraits.  I love raw, uninhibited glimpses of others. And I love stories.  What draws me to a portrait is the feeling of being able to view the world as seen through the photographer and subject's eyes.  I can literally spend hours totally transfixed by the work of photographers like Ryan Muirhead (I did in fact stay up very late perusing his Instagram feed, which I strongly encourage everyone to check out @ryanmuirhead).

Ivy was an absolute dream to photograph. This stunningly beautiful human has the most vibrant and playful personality. With three cameras strapped to me, I ran around like a crazy person to capture her energy, photographing until the sun went down.