Victoria & Eric | Married

It feels great to finally be able to blog again!  2017 has been a bit of a crazy year for me so far, hence the long pauses between posts.  I hope to continue to blog more often, as I have many more photos that I long to share.

I absolutely adore photographing weddings at Fort Edmonton Park.  No matter how many times I photograph there, each time is always so unique.  Victoria & Eric were married in an intimate ceremony inside a small white chapel in front of their closest family and friends, followed by a fun, laid back reception at the Bachelors Quarters cabin.

I had such a great experience photographing these two on their special day.  Victoria & Eric were truly my ideal couple to photograph because of their easy going and fun personalities. The love these two share for one and other shows in each and every photo.

Not only did I get to photograph Victoria & Eric on their wedding day, I also had the opportunity to take some portraits of the newlyweds with their sweet baby girl, Sophia, a few days later at the stunning Botanic Gardens.

Ivy | Desert Portraits

When it comes to photography, my first passion has been and will always be portraits.  I love raw, uninhibited glimpses of others. And I love stories.  What draws me to a portrait is the feeling of being able to view the world as seen through the photographer and subject's eyes.  I can literally spend hours totally transfixed by the work of photographers like Ryan Muirhead (I did in fact stay up very late perusing his Instagram feed, which I strongly encourage everyone to check out @ryanmuirhead).

Ivy was an absolute dream to photograph. This stunningly beautiful human has the most vibrant and playful personality. With three cameras strapped to me, I ran around like a crazy person to capture her energy, photographing until the sun went down.