Alexx | Connection Series

I’m so excited to begin a new portrait series that focuses on connecting with local entrepreneurs in our city! I am all about supporting local businesses and I love taking portraits, so offering these type of sessions is natural fit for me.

Meet Alexx! Alexx is a Real Estate agent, whom I have known personally for years. I asked Alexx if she would be able to speak about why she decided to change her career path and get into real estate.

From Alexx:

I’m super excited that Ashley invited me to write something for this blog. It’s such a passion of mine to talk about what makes me happy and share some of my story with you. 

I began my journey into Real Estate officially in 2017; however, real estate is a family business so I spent a lot of my childhood in my dad's office, doodling or coloring and as I got older, spent summers filing paperwork, making phone calls and anything to keep me busy and help out. After high school I left that world behind and honestly spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I dabbled in a few things (one job that led me to meeting Ashley!) but never felt like it was the right fit. I’m creative but neurotically organised, like structure but not having someone directly to answer to. I kind of came to an impasse. I was about to get married to an awesome guy, had our first great house together but I didn’t feel like I was fulfilled career wise which was very important to me. The evidence of it was spilling over into my personal life and mental health. 

So, I decided to commit to taking my Real Estate course. It was super scary and intimidating but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done! 

Every day is different and comes with it’s own set of challenges but the rewards are just so amazing. Getting to be a part of the process of someone starting on a new adventure is a privilege to witness and be a part of. My clients become my friends and I’m always so proud when we can accomplish a purchase together. 

Buying my first home was another reason I got into Real Estate. Buying a place is scary stuff! I felt super overwhelmed and at times worried that if the millionth question I was asking was going to be a stupid one. Now that I’m on the other side of the fence, I pride myself on trying to educate my clients and be available to hold their hand through the whole process answering any questions that might come up. The home buying process doesn’t have to be scary as long as you have someone you trust to walk with you through it. 

If you’ve ever thought about changing courses in your life- don’t be scared! It’s only intimidating until you jump in and you never know what’ll happen!